Coffee & Other Drinks

Coffee and other drinks

If you are a coffee lover who appreciates a really great coffee, then you have come to the right place.  After a great deal of research, we chose a fantastic West Sussex roaster to supply our beans. They select and blend the finest Arabica beans from Central and Southern America which they slowly roast in true Italian tradition to develop fully both the flavour and the aroma. The result is rich and strong with a smooth and creamy flavour. Of equal importance to us, our roaster is a member of the Rainforest Alliance which helps to provide the growers and their families with a better life, whilst taking care of the environment too.

Our smooth aromatic espresso is the basis of all our coffee-based drinks – cappuccino, latte, flat white to name but a few. We make all our drinks with two shots of espresso as standard, but please do ask if you prefer a less-strong drink with only one shot. We have a huge range of syrups if you like a different flavour in your drink, and we have soya milk for those of you who don’t like or can’t tolerate cow’s milk.

If a great cup of tea is more to your taste, then we have lots of choices to offer: a deliciously refreshing ‘everyday’ blend, as well as a huge range of fruit and herbal teas. And our hot chocolate – made to a special Bay Tree recipe – is smooth and creamy and utterly gorgeous!

For those times when you want a cool, refreshing drink we have a huge variety of iced and blended drinks, ranging from creamy coffee Frosts and juicy fruit Frosts to delicious fresh-fruit milkshakes.